"Never Let Your Fear Of Losing Be Greater Than Your Excitement of Winning"    ~Normandie 

Real Success Story!


Normandie Alise Cormier is creating her own path to success. The award-winning teen scholar is taking the world by storm. social entrepreneur, future doctor, and activist went viral after acquiring a whopping $9.4 million in variable scholarships from big companies and foundations: GE, Ronald Reagan Foundation, Burger King, Scholarship America, ACLU, McLamore, Close Up, Stamps Family Foundation, Corella & Bertram F. Bonner, and many more. Setting the record of a high school student with the largest amount of scholarships in the world. Normandie was accepted into 139 colleges and 5 medical schools throughout the U.S., Switzerland, the Caribbean, Spain, South Africa, and Rome, five minutes from the Vatican. 48 of her college acceptances were HBCU's and 19 awarded full-ride scholarships. 













Normandie began reading at age 2, deemed gifted and talented at age 9 and took her first high school course at age 11. She became a social entrepreneur at age 12 and took her first college course at age 13. At age 14, she founded 4 community-centered programs that have earned her accolades from around the world. Normandie has participated in early medicine and research programs at the local hospital and early MCAT studies at age 16. Her resume entails classes at Harvard and Princeton. She completed almost two semesters of college courses without attending a class, graduating with double honors, summa cum laude from both high school and college on the same day (May 9th, 2019)


 Before she decided to enroll in a high school and college program, Normandie and her younger brother, Payton, were homeschooled by their entrepreneurial mother along with classes in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, strategy, coding & programming, economics, and so much more. Normandie started her very first micro-business in vending with Payton acting as a mock employee. Later that year, she earned awards for her impressive entrepreneurial skills, strategy, and financial expertise. She used her earnings to provide small scholarships for underserved at-risk youths, leadership development and giving back to her community in many ways! Normandie's programs were focused around youth mentoring and tutoring, leadership, entrepreneurship, empowerment, financial literacy, and volunteerism. She always went on to become one of the first teens to be recognized and awarded for academic excellence by 3 presidents, in 2015, 2018, 2019. When you think of a brown girl who has the largest amount of scholarships in the world, think of NORMANDIE ALISE CORMIER.


With a resume overloaded with endless accolades, over 72 state and national awards, and 100 medals covering everything from classical piano to an American History and Debate, life was far from a perfect fairytale for Normandie and her family.  She grew up in an impoverished neighborhood on the northside of Lafayette. She was diagnosed with a chronic health disorder that targeted her immune system. At one point, it was hard for her to fight off any infections which led to long hospital stays, therapy, and treatment. She was always bullied about her illness, being smart and her height. The bullying eventually turned physical, but she never let it stop her.  At one point it messed with her self esteem but she began to use the negativity as fuel to boost her way to success. Now she mentors and speaks with kids through anti-bullying and inspirational workshops.







Normandie has been featured on over 300 media platforms around the world in magazines, news, radio, and blog sites. Her girls' empowerment program has reached a global level. She has impacted little girls from the middle east to Seychelles, on the coast of Africa. 


Ms. Cormier has served on the mayoral board committee and graduated as apart of Junior Leadership class of XXII. She is a member of National Honor Society, National Society of Black Engineers, NAACP, National Beta Club, ACLU advocacy. She's a GE-Reagan Scholar, Burger King, 2x Bonner Leader, and Stamps Foundation Scholar. Normandie is a pre-med student at the illustrious Xavier University of LA. Soon, she'll make a decision on the medical school she will be attending, where she will further her studies and follow her dreams of becoming a doctor!

"One of the greatest things we can do in this world is inspire someone to follow their dreams and reach their full potential"

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