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  1. A multinational award-winning scholar, activist, social entrepreneur, world mentor, and humanitarian.

  2. She was born on October 7, 2000, in Lafayette, LA. Growing up, she overcame poverty, aggressive bullying and multiple chronic illnesses. 

  3. Made history as the first teen to be recognized and awarded by three Presidents for academic excellence; Obama in 2015, Trump in 2018, June 2019 in memory of Ronald Reagan with a scholarship of $40,000

  4. Graduated with double honors, summa cum laude from Early College Academy and South LA Community College on the same day, May 9, 2019. 

  5. March 2019(viral stories): Accepted into 139 colleges, 5 medical schools, over $8.7 million in scholarships. **Current totals (June 2019): 146 colleges, 6 medical schools, $9.4 million in scholarships, 48 HBCUs, 21 full rides

  6. Made history a high school student with the highest dollar amount of scholarships in the world earned by one student.

  7. Made history accepted into 5 medical schools before graduating high school.

  8. Clubs & Organizations; Science Club, NSBE, Mock Trial, National Honor Society, National BETA Club, Director of Student News, Lafayette Junior Leadership XXVII, Mayor-President Youth Advisory Board, Girl Scouts, Piano, USA-UNA, Student Council

  9. Made history awarded 7 national awards simultaneously; GE-REAGAN, Stamps, Bonner Leader(2), Burger King, Intercultural LEAD, Leaders for Tomorrow

  10. 2,241 volunteer hours documented during high school.

  11. She founded 4 Initiatives; A+ Academics, Humble Seed, Smart Girls Affiliate, Biz Kids Network of Acadiana, the first person in the area to help kids start their own business.

  12. Activist for anti-bullying, human trafficking, homeless and elderly populations, human rights

  13. New launch and movement SMART GIRLS AFFILIATE (girls empowerment, mentorship, STEM and affiliation)

  14. She was featured on BET, CNN Money, USA Today, Nola.com, Ghana News, Russia Herald

  15. Her brother, Payton Amir, is a 12-yr-old homeschooler on an accelerated pre-law and entrepreneurial track. He is due to graduate high school at 14 and start college. He plans to enter into law school at age 17. 

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